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High antimicrobial activity, innocuous to humans


No toxicity at doses of use, supported by multiple toxicological studies conducted in Huntingdon Life Sciences and other institutions (CSIC, University of Barcelona, SafePharm, ABC Research, EVIC, NOTOX and CIDASAL). It does not alter the product’s organoleptic features and it is resistant to all heat treatments (boiling, UHT and pasteurisation).


Its particular chemical structure allows that, once ingested, it is hydrolysed to common natural endogenous substances in humans (lauric acid, arginine and ethanol).


High activity against a wide spectrum of microorganisms: Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, yeast and fungi, showing no resistance effect. It shows high effectiveness in a wide pH range (3-7) and it is chemically stable between this same range. LAE® disrupts the integrity of the microorganisms’ cell membrane.

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